Immovest Immobilien GmbH

Real Estate Agency in Chiemsee

Property Consulting

Property consulting for real estate sellers and lessors.

Are you home seller or owner of a condominium and want to sell or rent it and are still undecided about whether you take a estate agent or try it by yourself?
We can advise you independently and individually through the various options and go step by step with you through what should be strictly observed.

Property consulting for sellers:

  • Where can I offer my property?
  • Is the Internet or the newspaper better suited for an advertisement?
  • Who is my audience?
  • What price can I expect?
  • How do I describe my property adequately?
  • How do I check the solvency of the buyer?
  • What should I consider when making a purchase contract?
  • And much more.


Property consulting for lessors:

  • How do I describe the condition of the apartment?
  • If changes are necessary?
  • Who is the target group?
  • What should I consider at the lease agreement?
  • How do I check the solvency of the tenant?
  • How does a proper transfer protocol look like?
  • And much more.