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Rent control – What you should know as a tenant

Due to the rent control from the year 2015, another project from the coalition agreement of Union and SPD was implemented. While the rent may be at most 10% more expensive than a comparable apartment in the same size and location during a tenant change, new tenants in tense housing markets should be protected against exorbitant prices. However, this rent control applies only in areas that are called by the states as „tight housing markets“.

rent levels
As soon as portfolio property is re-let, the new permissible rent may be 10% above the level of the comparative rents customary in a place (Heiko Maas, SPD).

However, the rent control applies only in areas that have been declared by the states to „tight housing markets“. A „tight housing market“ exists when sufficient supply of rental housing to reasonable conditions is especially endangered. The benchmark of this are, for example, a rise in rents and rent burdens over the national average.
The federal states can make use of the definition of rent control area until the end of 2020 for a maximum of 5 years (so until the end of 2025).

For apartments that are used or rented for the first time after October 1, 2014, the tent controle does not apply. Furthermore, there are no rental price cap for the first-time lettings after extensive modernization.

estate agents
According to the orderer principle (Bestellerprinzip), the one who has commissioned the broker has to pay him. So if the broker is commissioned by the landlord, he must pay the broker. Insofar as he still demands a fee from the apartment seeker, fines are threatens.

According to the Federal Government, tenants save estimated 850 million euros a year through the rent control and the ordering principle. On the other hand, for the landlords estimated shortfalls in receipts or additional costs of more than 520 million euros arise.