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Massive price surges in German apartment complex

The price boom in residential real estate, such as condominiums, is unchanged in Germany. The price in B cities rises particularly strong and dynamic  – up to 35% (The term „B-cities“ here is not uniformly defined, usually the next largest cities  after the Top 7 sites are summarized under this name. At least Bonn, Bremen, Dortmund, Dresden, Essen, Hanover, Leipzig, Nuremberg and Wiesbaden are usually added). The largest price jumps obeserves in Hannover (+ 35%) and Bremen (+ 31%). However, high price increases can be also reported in Leipzig (+ 25%) and in Nuremberg (+ 15%).
Possible reasons for this rise in property prices could be the growing population in the past years, a solid economic and purchasing power, a lack of attractive living room and a relatively low price levels. Thus, for example, the number of inhabitants increased in Hannover against the forecast, which has led to increasing tension in the housing market. Leipzig recorded instead for some years a high influx.
However, the big top cities remain in the focus of the buyer. So stays Munich, despite a „low“ price increase of 11%, still the most expensive city in Germany. The state capital has exceeded this year, for the first time, the limit of 6,000 € per m² (€ 6,356 / m²). Second most expensive city is Frankfurt, followed by Stuttgart and Hamburg.

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