Immovest Immobilien GmbH

Real Estate Agency in Chiemsee


General Business Terms Henriette Burde, sole trader

1. Our service is based on the order placed by client or other authorised people. A liability for the accuracy and completeness, we can not accept. Fallacis and prior sales and/ or rentals are reserved.

2. The brokerage contract with us / or our agent is achieved either by written agreement or through utilization of our services on the basis of object exposés and his conditions.

3. The offers are exclusively for the offeree and confidential. When passing on to third parties without our approval the offeree is committed to pay the customary in a place or stipulated commission when the third party closes the business without agreed a brokerage contract with us; further claims for damages on our part are reserved.

4. We are entitled to work also subject to commission for the other party.

5. The commission is not affected by the fact that instead of the originally intended transaction, another is successfully closed (for example, purchase instead of rent, lease, tenancy or vice versa, purchase in foreclosure, if we have procurde documents relating to the assessment of the object (valuation of the court) instead Handsfree purchase, if the economic prosperity does not significantly deviate from our offer.

6. The commission is earned and due with the conclusion in proper form or at the conclusion of an equivalent business, which is related to submitted offer from the broker. Terms of Use or Acquisition shall be communicated to us by the customer.

7. Rights of detention or offsetting against the brokerage receivables are excluded if the offsettable receivable is not legally binding.

8. The verification of the object offered by us is considered as accepted unless the addressee verified in writing form immediately after receiving that the object was offered from other sources (however impossible with an exclusive order from us). Commissions are to pay when the contract is concluded and with the amounts listed in the offers (see. Para. 2).

9. Place of execution / place of jurisdiction is Traunstein.

10. Should one or more of the above provisions be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a regulation which is closets to the economic interests of the parties  and besides is not adverse to the contractual agreement.


Cancellation policy (German)