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Why are real estate at the Chiemsee

so coveted?

The Chiemsee is a lake of meltwater in Bavaria, Germany, between Rosenheim Germany) and Salzburg (Austria). It is often called the Bavarian Sea. Rivers, such as the Tiroler Ache and the Prien  fill the lake; The Alz is the main output of the it. The Chiemsee is north, toward the northeast. Other lakes in the vicinity of the Chiemsee are the Weitsee and southwestern the island lakes.

The region around the Chiemsee calls Chiemgau and is a popular recreation area.

Two of the main islands of the lake are Herrenchiemsee (the larger island) and Frauenchiemsee. The third island, the Krautinsel is by their size  less well known than the Frauen- and Herreninsel and is also uninhabited.

chiemsee strandbar 2013
Strand Bar Chiemsee 2013

On the Herrenchiemsee is the Palace of King Ludwig II of Bavaria in 1878, which was never completed. It was built as a replica of the Palace of Versailles in France. Many of the rooms of the palace can be visited by tourists; In summer you can visit the castle and fields on the island with guides.
Frauenchiemsee is the smaller of the two largest islands in the Chiemsee, and houses a Benedictine monastery, which was built in 782, and a small villa. The nuns produce a liquor called monastery liqueur and exquisite marzipan.
The lake has also three very small islands: the Schalch, west of Frauenchiemsee; and two unnamed, 54 and 80 meters south of the Krautinsel, each with an area of 30 m².

The nature reserve near Übersee includes 8,660 ha. It has an altitude of 518 meters. The mouth of the Tiroler Ache is in the Ramsar site and is surrounded by vast areas of marsh and bog. The wetland is of international importance because migratory birds spend the winter here. Recreational opportunities are limited, especially in the protected breeding areas. It is a center for the conservation of nature.

Chiemsee Sonnenuntergang 2013

The municipalityChiemsee“

The municipality Chiemsee, the smallest municipality in Bavaria, include the Herreninsel (240 ha), the Fraueninsel (about 12 ha), and the uninhabited Krautinsel. Presumably, the islands are inhabited since the Stone Age, though there are reliable records only since the late 9th century, when the blessed Irmengard, a daughter of King Louis the German was, abbess in Frauenchiemsee monastery.
The most well known tourist destination within the municipality is the Herrenchiemsee castle. It was built (1885 – 1878) by King Ludwig II of Bavaria as a replica of the Palace of Versailles but not completed. The castle is like the whole island owned by the Free State of Bavaria and can now be visited all year round. The island is inhabited exclusively by the employees there.
The Fraueninsel is well known for its spectacular scenery, their hospitality and for the smoked fish specialties. As Sights the 1200 year old cathedral church should be mentioned with the free-standing bell tower, the symbol of the Chiemgau and the Carolingian gatehouse, the oldest construction in southern Germany. In the gatehouse every year in the summer months Exhibitions of works of Chiemsee painters, whose home was the Fraueninsel since the early 19th century, take place.

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